Frequency Asked Questions

Booking and Payments

How do I make a booking?

Bookings are to be made online via our website or one of our other booking portals. You will receive an automated email from the booking system once the booking has been submitted. If you do not have access to the internet please call the office during office hours on (08) 9949 4868.

I have made my booking online, what happens next?

Your booking request will be processed by the office on the next business day. If your booking is accepted a pending booking email will be sent with payment details. See the Booking Process link for further information.

When do I have to pay?

A deposit equivalent to 50% of the booking fee is due within 48 hours of your booking being made. The balance is due at least 28 days prior to your arrival and a reminder email will be sent 7 days before the final payment is due.

If your booking is being made less then 28 days from your expected arrival then full payment is required within 48 hours of making the booking.

Bookings are not confirmed until the deposit is paid.

How do I pay?

Payment details will be included in the email correspondence once the booking has been processed by the office. Payment can be made via credit card, please note a 2.2% surcharge applies to all credit card payments, or via direct deposit.

Is there a minimum stay?

Yes, there are minimum stay periods applicable and these vary between properties. The minimum length of stay can be found on the details page of each property.

What if I want to change my booking?

We will do our best to accommodate minor changes to your requested dates however no refund will be provided for shortened stay. Booking amendments are subject to availability and requests must be made in writing by email us.

Do I have to pay a bond?

Yes, a credit card is required to cover the $500 security bond. This must be provided through our online check in, which is made available 7 days prior to your arrival. A separate pet bond of $250 is applicable to any booking which is bringing a pet.

Can I cancel my booking?

We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance to cover this event. We also recommend all guests read our terms and conditions thoroughly prior to booking.

Exmouth is a remote location and our Holiday Home bookings have a relatively long lead time and are difficult to sell on short notice. The dates you have requested have been held aside for you preventing other people from booking those dates. For this reason we maintain a strict no refund and no transfer to new dates policy.

Can the owner cancel my booking?

If we are forced to cancel your booking due to unforeseen circumstances such as damage to the building, sale of the property, change in owner circumstances or withdrawal of local shire holiday home approval, you will be given a full refund and our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. We can also offer assistance with finding a suitable alternative property.

Choosing a Property

What is the marina area like?

The marina region is where most of our premier properties are located. The area contains man made canals and many properties in this region, though not all, have access to their own jetty. As the area is relatively new and is still undergoing development, there may be building and construction being undertaken for new homes and jetties ion this region of which we have no control over.

What is the minimum age requirement?

The minimum age to hold and attend a booking with Exmouth Holidays is at least 25 years, with 27 Corella Court the only exception with a minimum age requirement of 35 years. Photo ID of the reservation holder is required prior to time of checking in at the property.

How many people can stay?

The Shire of Exmouth places maximum adult and children numbers on each property and details of this are on the booking website. These numbers are not to be exceeded and an adult over the age of 25 must be present at all times. Photo ID of the booking holder is required at time of check in.

What is the bedding configuration?

Bed configurations vary between properties and details are available on the booking website. Please make sure to check that the bed configuration is suitable to your group before making a booking as bed types can not be swapped around.

Is there enough room to park my vehicles / boats?

The Shire of Exmouth restricts the number of vehicles and boats to be parked at each property. The maximum number of vehicles (which includes trailers, caravans, boats etc) can be found on the description page of each individual property.

Can we bring pets?

There are specific properties where pets are permitted, otherwise pets are strictly prohibited in other properties. For guests bringing pets and staying in our pet friendly properties, an additional pet bond of $250 applies and pet owners must clean up and appropriately dispose of any droppings. We ask that pet owners ensure their pets are treated for fleas and ticks before arrival and that pets are left outside the home at all times. To view our list of pet friendly properties please use the pet friendly search filter on the Accommodation – Search page.

Are the properties air-conditioned?

All properties are air-conditioned and all air-conditioners are checked prior to your stay. If you experience any issues during your holiday with your air-conditioner, please inform us as soon as possible and we will order a maintenance person as a matter of priority. Please note we are in a remote area and these issues may not always be fixed immediately.

Can I moor my boat on the jetty of a canal front property?

Yes you can on properties with licensed jetties. Please ensure you read, understand and abide by the Shire of Exmouth Canal Management Plan. You must also ensure you bring the appropriate mooring ropes, fenders etc to safely secure your vessel.

Can I swim in the canals?

Swimming is not permitted in the canals for your own safety, please see the Shire of Exmouth Canal Management Plan for more information.


Where do I pick up the keys?

Keys can be found in the lockbox at the property with codes provided in a text message once your property is checked and ready. There is no need to come to the office on the day of arrival.

Please note – there is no Vodaphone coverage in Exmouth and we recommend you utilise a Telstra number in your booking.

What time is arrival/departure?

Check-in is from 3pm and Check-out before 10am. Requests for early check-in or late check-out will be considered but are in no way guaranteed.

What do I need to bring?

Please see our What to Bring guide for a comprehensive list of what is provided at our properties and what you will need to provide yourself.

Each property has a complimentary “welcome” supply of basic washing items including dishwashing liquid, dishwashing tablets (if applicable), toilet paper and toiletries. Each property will also have a new sponge, scourer and a few bin liners.

These items are not replenish-able by Exmouth Holidays and are simply meant as a complimentary arrival gift. The property is booked on the basis that further consumables will be supplied by the guest.

Can I have a party or other guests stay over?

Strictly NO. Holiday Homes are in residential areas and with neighbors going about their normal day to day lives. The Shire of Exmouth imposes strict noise curfews on holiday homes and no noise is acceptable after 10p.m. or before 8a.m. We take noise complaints seriously and if you disobey a noise abatement notice from us or any local authority you will be asked to leave with no refund. Holiday homes are not be used for private functions such as weddings or other large gatherings.

Can I have visitors during our stay?

You are permitted to have visitors during reasonable hours as long as you do not exceed the parking restrictions or noise curfews at the property.

Is the property serviced during our stay?

Not as standard practice. Properties are cleaned after each stay however cleaning equipment is supplied along with washing machines and it is expected that you will keep the property in a clean and hygienic manner during your stay. If you wish to have the property serviced during your stay please contact the office prior to arrival.

Each property has a complimentary “welcome” supply of basic washing items including dishwashing liquid, dishwashing tablets (if applicable), toilet paper and toiletries. Each property will also have a new sponge, scourer and a few bin liners.

These items are not replenish-able by Exmouth Holidays and are simply meant as a complimentary arrival gift. The property is booked on the basis that further consumables will be supplied by the guest.

Do I have to put the bins out?

Yes, guests are expected to put the bins out on the designated collection days for shire pick up. A text message will be sent to the mobile number listed on the reservation as a reminder. Guests are also expected bring the bins back in as soon as possible after collection. Please note, failure to have the bins emptied and excess rubbish left at the property may incur a disposal charge to be taken from your bond. The shire will not remove any rubbish that is not in the bin so please do not leave excess rubbish on the kerb.

What happens if something breaks down at the property?

Please report any maintenance issues to the office during business hours. If you consider the issue to be an emergency please call the office number and select the option to be diverted to the after hours emergency phone. We will do all we can to have the issue rectified asap however please note, we are not plumbers, electricians, builders etc and we can only do what is physically possible by utilising the local trades of the town. Please also note that Exmouth is a remote location and where replacements parts or products are required it does take time and not all issues can be fixed straight away.

What happens if we break something at the property?

Please report any breakages to the office immediately. If breakages are reported talk the owner about a reasonable replacement costs based on fair wear and tear. Any breakages discovered by our staff after your stay that have not been reported will be charged to your security bond at full replacement value.

What happens if I leave earlier then my departure date?

No refunds are provided for early unused accommodation.

What if I am not happy with the property or have a complaint?

Please notify to the Agent immediately of any issues you have with the property to ensure sufficient time is given to investigate and/or take the necessary remedial action. Compensation will not be offered where the Client has denied the Agent or Owner the opportunity to rectify matters during their holiday. The Agent reserves the right to refer any unresolved complaints regarding the standard of the property to arbitration.

Departing your Property

Do I have to clean the property?

Professional cleaners will clean your property after you depart however it is expected that you leave the property in a clean and tidy state on departure. This includes:

Kitchen benches, stove, ovens, microwave, fridges wiped clean
Replace any furniture that has been moved
Barbeque is scraped down
Floors are swept
All leftover food is disposed of
All rubbish is placed into the outside bins which are placed on the kerb
Any broken items are reported
Dishes are cleaned and put away (dishwasher is empty)
The house is secured, all windows closed, doors locked and air conditioners are off
With your co-operation we can keep the cost of rental down, however if on inspection the property is not left in a reasonable manner we reserve the right to deduct extra cleaning charges from your security bond.

Where do I leave the keys?

Please leave keys in the place you found them on arrival.

What happens with my security bond?

Once you depart the property will be checked by our staff and cleaned. If this is completed to our satisfaction and no extra charges are required your bond will be returned within 14 days. Please note some financial institutions hold released pre-authorisations for up to 30 days which is beyond Exmouth Holidays control.

Do I have to lock up the house?

You are responsible for the security of the house and contents during and after your stay. It is your responsibility to ensure the house remains secure and safe whilst unattended . On departure we request that you ensure:

All doors and windows are closed and locked
Blinds are drawn
All sheds, garages, outdoor storage areas and gates are closed and/or locked
All indoor furniture has been brought in and placed back in original place
Turn off all air-conditioners, appliances, hot water boosters and lights
Ensure ovens, stoves and cooktops are turned off
Ensure all taps and hoses are turned off and not dripping
Turn off BBQ gas bottle