Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

The town of Exmouth has promoted the use of recycled and reusable shopping bags since 2003. Exmouth Holidays provides new guests with a reusable shopping bag and we encourage guests to use the bag as well as recycling cardboard boxes available at the local supermarkets and bottle shops to carry purchases.

There are limited recycling opportunities available in Exmouth due to our remote location (recycling inevitably involves transport costs and associated environmental impacts). Exmouth Holidays aims to encourage guests to recycle aluminium cans during their stay and there are several recycling points throughout town.

In all holiday accommodation properties guests are encouraged to turn off air conditioners when not at the property. The Holiday Inspections Officer visits all properties after guests have departed to ensure air conditioners, lights etc are turned off and the property is secure.

Many properties have solar hot water systems and electric boosters are rarely relied on as Exmouth is lucky to have such sunny weather.

Holiday accommodation properties with gardens have automatic reticulation which is timed to comply with Water Corporation restrictions, as well as water wise plants and in some cases artificial turf to minimise water usage. Water bills are monitored and reticulation is checked regularly. Water saving shower heads, low flow taps and dual flush toilets are used and many properties have water saving appliances

Linen is washed on site at each property to minimise transport. Linen is mostly air dried on outdoor clotheslines unless there is bad weather. Properties are not serviced (unless by special arrangement) and are only cleaned at the conclusion of each stay. This minimises the environmental impacts associated with cleaning.